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How to Protect Your Floors from Muddy Boots This Spring

How to Protect Your Floors from Muddy Boots This Spring

Your floors are a major component of your home's interior because they make up such a large part of the interior. When floors are brightly shined and polished, whether they're wood, vinyl or tile, it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your interior. When floors get dull and dirty, it makes the entire home appear unkempt. This spring and summer, protect your floors from taking a beating from muddy boots and tracked in dirt. Just follow these tips to protect your floors and keep them looking new.

Protect Flooring from Dirt and Mud

Dirt and mud are plentiful in spring in summer, and undoubtedly it will get tracked into your house. No matter how much you scream and shout about it, someone will eventually kick off dirty, muddy boots, or traipse across your beautiful new floors with dirt-caked shoes. But this dirt is not just a temporary problem. It can seep into the flooring causing dullness and aging. Protect the floors by laying down mud-proof mats and carpeting. Area rugs can not only add an accent to a room, but they can also keep dirt off the floors.

We have large, easily accessible shoe and boot storage options along with various storage benches. These can accommodate all of your families footwear, outdoor clothes and accessories.

Use Rubber Area Rug Pads

Most people understand they need to use area rugs in their house. However, they forget to use proper rug pads beneath them. Remember, dirt and tiny rocks will work their way through the rug and become lodged in the bottom. When the rug moves across the floor, the rocks act like sandpaper scratching and gouging the flooring. Always be certain to clean, vacuum or shake out the area rugs and the pads. A cleaner rug will look nicer and offer more protection since it won't become filled with dirt and grime. A heavy-duty vacuum or a good hearty shake-out outside will help to dislodge much of the dirt trapped inside the rug.

Storage for Boots and Shoes

Some people forget that clutter can cause damage to flooring. Muddy boots and shoes that are left around the hallway tend to spread more dirt and mud, which makes cleaning up after everyone even harder. These frantic footwear follies won't dirty up your floors as much if they are properly stored to begin with. Make storage easy though, so your family feels more compelled to use it. We have large, easily accessible shoe and boot storage options along with various storage benches. These can accommodate all of your families footwear, outdoor clothes and accessories. From racks to shelving, benches and cubbies, you can find the perfect way to organize your entryway and other areas of the home here. 

Talk to us at Wickmans Furniture for more tips on how to keep your floors and the rest of your home looking new. Come in before the mud gets tracked into your house and check out our new spring collections today!